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TimeBits Time Tracker for monday.com

TimeBits Time tracker for monday.com is the ultimate integrated time tracking and time entry solution for monday.com. Whether you’re managing a small team or a large organization, TimeBits simplifies the process of recording time spent on tasks, approving entries, and generating insightful reports.

1. Installation

The app can be installed by administrators of your monday.com account by installing ‘TimeBits Timetracker’ directly from the monday.com marketplace (link).

To start using TimeBits, you must add it to a workspace. You can create a new workspace or choose a workspace you already created.

After installing the app, you must add TimeBits views to your workspaces. This can be done via the usual process using monday.com Marketplace or by using a template.

Installation from a template

If you want to experience all the capabilities of TimeBits Timetracker, we recommend using ‘TimeBits template’ that you can find in monday.com Template Center.

This template already has all the necessary views in place, together with pre-filled template projects and pre-set integrations and automations. Either add this template by clicking on the ‘+’ button in your board and searching for ‘TimeBits’, or use ‘Apps’ as shown below.

2. Features

2.1 Manage your Projects & Tasks

The ‘TimeBits Projects’ board allows you to manage your projects, create & assign tasks and assign managers to your tasks.

Step 1. Navigate to the ‘TimeBits Projects’ Board
Step 2. Add Projects & Tasks to Board
  • Assign a manager to your Project.
    *The manager will be responsible for approving time entries on this project
    *Only one manager can be added per project
  • Add the timelines for your project
Step 3. In Progress Projects

Once your project is ready to start, mark the status as working on it and it will be automatically moved to ‘In Progress Projects’

(Your team can only add time entries to in progress projects)

2.2 Adding Your Time Entries

Access the TimeBits app on your workspace

  1. You will be presented with the Time Entry form to enter the time spent on your tasks.
  2. Select the project & respective task you wish to track.
  3. Enter the start & end date
  4. Enter the start & End Time of your entry. The app will automatically calculate the time spent on the task
  5. Or Mark it as an ‘All day’ task and enter the hours spent on the task.

You must enter start & end times or select the ‘All day’ option to submit your entry successfully

All Day Entries

You select the ‘All day’ option and update the hours spent on a task

An ‘All day’ task does not require either the start time or end time

Multiday Time Entries

To enter an entry spanning multiple days,

  • Select the project & Task
  • Select the start & End date
  • Enter the number of hours spent on each day

2.2 Viewing Your Time Entries

The TimeBits app provides various ways to view your time entries

  • Month: See all your entries for the month in a calendar view
  • Week: Displays all your entries for the specific week
  • Day: Shows all your entries by day
  • List: Shows a list of all your time entries

Time Entries Statuses

  • In Approval: Time entries that are awaiting manager approval (Editable)
  • Approved: Entries that have been approved by a manager (Not Editable)
  • Rejected: Entries that have been rejected by a manager (Editable)

2.3 Editing Your Time Entries

Time entries in ‘In Approval’ and ‘Rejected’ statuses can be edited and updated.
*Note: Users can only edit entries that they submitted

  • On the app, click on the ‘Switch to Edit Mode’ button
  • Click on any of the entries you’d like to update (only In Approval & Rejected)
  • Update the details on the Time entry form & submit
  • Great! You just updated your entry; your updated entry will be submitted for approval by your manager

3 Manager View

Users that have been designated as managers to projects can access the manager view to approve or reject time entries submitted for those projects.
To access the manager view, click on the ‘Manager view’ button on the app

3.1 Time Entries Approval

The manager’s view shows you the time entries awaiting your approval for projects you manage. From this view, you can approve or reject individual entries or approve/reject entries in bulk.

3.1.1 Approve/Reject Individual Entries

To approve or reject a single time entry, look for buttons labeled “Approve” and “Reject” positioned near the individual time entry.

Click the appropriate button based on your decision:

  • Approve” confirms the time entry and removes it from your queue.
  • Reject” denies the time entry and removes it from your queue.

The chosen action (approve/reject) will be updated to the selected entry and the entry will be removed from your approval queue.

Entries will appear on the Calendar ‘View Mode’ with the updated status.
Rejected entries can be edited/ updated and resubmitted for your approval.

3.1.2 Approve/Reject Multiple Entries

To approve/reject multiple time entries simultaneously, tick the checkboxes next to each time entry you wish to approve/reject in the approval queue.

Depending on your desired outcome, click either “Bulk Approve” to approve all selected entries or “Bulk Reject” to reject them.
The status of these entries will be updated, and they will be removed from your approval queue.

System Instructions

This app contains folders required to keep it running smoothly. Do not attempt to make changes to the boards/folders labelled ‘Do Not Edit’