Our Practical Mindset towards Project Management, or (PM)2, was created through the experience we have gained on the insight of practicality. We know that each organization and project is different, so creating a client-specific approach using a practical mindset and its application on industry standard practices is what is needed. Without it, projects might fail because it isn’t suitable to the client’s needs.

Our (PM)2 process is best summed up by this equation:

Power Skills + Technical Skills + Toolsets

= Practical Mindset (Common Sense, Custom Approach)

The Creative Bits offering includes

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Our PMaaS model ensures that we cater to scalability demands, thus ensuring that our clients are not over or under resourced and control their spend.

Unwavering Availability

Our dedication exceeds those of regular consulting firms. Our clients can count on us for expertise, guidance, and support whenever needed, to help keep projects on track.

Cohesive Knowledge Management

We ensure consistent service and cohesive knowledge management, thus providing dependability during resource fluctuations, vacations, or other disruptions.

Continuous Improvement

Our team is consistently updating their skills with the latest PM methods & best practices. We adopt this dedication to learning to ensure benefits from our innovative approaches.

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